` Veterans Celebrate ` Victory Day ‘ and Their Memories of World War II ‘

#AceHistory2Research – VETERANS VICTORY DAY – May 09 – Sergey Blinov was a bomber aircraft pilot, who since the start of the war against the Soviet Union in 1941 was regularly asking his chiefs for being sent to the war zone.

He was allowed to do so in 1942, when Nazis were getting closer to Stalingrad. Blinov had managed to carry out several successful missions before a fatal one, in which his plane was downed by Nazi machine-gun fire.

Aleksandr Panin (above) went to war straight after military school.

By 1944 he was commander of squadron.

Mikhail Vecher (center) fought with the Tyumen rifle division, which took part in military actions around the Karelia region in north-western Russia. After the war he wrote a book “From Tyumen to Kirkines: on operation record of the 368th Pecheng Order of the Red Banner rifle division.” The picture was taken in Karelia in 1943.

Vera Panina was typewriter at the historic Tehran conference in 1943, which was where the “Big Three” Allied leaders (the USSR, the US, and the UK) gathered for the first time.

Mikhail Nikolsky, battery sergeant-major at the 661st rifle regiment, joined the army three days after the Nazi invaded the USSR. Nikolsky was severely wounded on the head in November 1941, but recovered and made it all the way to Berlin in 1945.

Iosif Bregadze (on the right) served in the army during the entire length of the war – from 1941 till 1945. He was a surgeon and served at Bryansk front, later at 1st Belorussian front.

This picture is taken in Berlin near the Brandenburg Gates in 1945.

Mugalim Khalilov was deputy political commissar at one of the squadrons of 814th rifle regiment and was severely wounded in action.

The picture was taken just before the war in May, 1941.

Aleksandr Landyshev served as a border guard in Estonia when the war began. He fought the Nazis in some of the deadliest WWII battles, including the Siege of Leningrad, and the Battle of Königsberg, for which he was awarded a medal. Landyshev regularly posted his stories and poems to the frontline newspaper. He celebrated victory in East Prussia.

Nikolay Panov was drafted into the Soviet Army in 1943 at the age of 17. Born in the northern Russian city of Vologda, he fought his first battle in Ukraine and later took part in the liberation of Czechoslovakia from the Nazis. Twice injured in battles, he received a Medal of Valor.

Galina Samkova (lower row center) volunteered to serve in the Baltic Fleet when she was 17. To pass the Soviet Navy’s size requirements, she stuffed some cloth in her shoes to look a bit taller. For five years Samkova fought near Leningrad and survived the city’s blockade.

Veniamin Karpov was a military pilot. Starting the war at the Battle of Moscow, he fought for Belarus and Königsberg (now Kaliningrad). Here, he is pictured in January 1945 in East Prussia.

Courtesy of the Russian Times Staff and Editors

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