` Holy Fire is a Miracle that Dates Back to 1579 of an American Patriarch Prayed and Lightening Hit a Pillar and Lit a Candle'

AceHistory2Research – JERUSALEM – April 19 – The Holy Fire (Greek ‘Αγιος Φως, literally “Holy Light”) is a miracle that occurs every year at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem on Holy Saturday, the day preceding Pascha.

It is considered by many to be the longest-attested annual miracle in the Christian world, though the event has only been documented consecutively since 1106. In many Orthodox countries around the world the event is televised live.

The ceremony begins at noon when the Patriarch of Jerusalem or another Orthodox Archbishop recites a specific prayer. The faithful gathered will then chant “Lord, have mercy” (Kyrie eleison in Greek) until the Holy Fire descends on a lamp of olive oil held by the patriarch while he is alone in the tomb chamber of Jesus Christ. The patriarch will then emerge from the tomb chamber, recite some prayers, and light either 33 or 12 candles to distribute to the faithful.

The fire is also said to spontaneously light other lamps and candles around the church. Pilgrims say the Holy Fire will not burn hair, faces, etc., in the first 33 minutes after it is ignited. Before entering the Lord’s Tomb, the patriarch or presiding archbishop is inspected by Israeli authorities to prove that he does not carry the technical means to light the fire. This investigation used to be carried out by Turkish soldiers.

The Holy Fire is first mentioned in the documents dating from the 4th century. A detailed description of the miracle is contained in the travelogue of the Russian igumen Daniel, who was present at the ceremony in 1106. Daniel mentions a blue incandescence descending from the dome to the edicula where the patriarch awaits the Holy Fire. Some claim to have witnessed this incandescence in modern times.

During the many centuries of the miracle’s history, the Holy Fire is said to have descended on certain other occasions, usually when heterodox clergymen attempted to obtain it. According to the tradition, in 1099, for example, the failure of Crusaders to obtain the fire led to street riots in Jerusalem.

It is also claimed that in 1579, the Armenian patriarch prayed day and night in order to obtain the Holy Fire, but the Fire miraculously struck a column near the entrance and lit a candle held by the Orthodox patriarch standing nearby.

Upon entering the temple, many Orthodox Christians venerate this column, which bears marks and a large crack attributed to the bolt of lightning from the Holy Fire.

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` State of Israel ` Declaration of Independence ‘ and the United Kingdom ‘

#AceHistory2Research – The state of Israel declared its independence on 14 May 1948. Israel is governed by a democratically elected parliament with a traditionally high participation in elections.

The head of state is the President, elected by parliament to serve a 7 year term, however power tends to lie with the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. Over the past 30 years no single party has gained a majority in the 120 seat parliament so Israel has been ruled by a succession of coalitions. Israel has been an associate member of the European Union since 1995 and became a full member of the OECD in 2010.

English: Map of Israel, the Palestinian territ...

English: Map of Israel, the Palestinian territories (West Bank and Gaza Strip), the Golan Heights, and portions of neighbouring countries. Also United Nations deployment areas in countries adjoining Israel or Israeli-held territory, as of January 2004.. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Israel’s armed forces occupied the West Bank, the Syrian Golan Heights and the Gaza Strip (along with the Sinai Peninsula) in 1967.

Israel subsequently withdrew from Sinai in 1982 and from Gaza in 2005, but has formally annexed East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

This has not been recognized by the international community, including the British Government, which considers all territory captured by Israel in 1967 as occupied and the status of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel as subject to negotiations with the Palestinians.

Business and Human Rights

Israel enjoys a strong entrepreneurial culture which nurtures and develops new ideas, making Israel a technology powerhouse. Israel has a high density of start-ups and many of the major technology companies, such as Google, Microsoft and Motorola, have their R&D centres in Israel. Many factors contribute to the success of Israel’s technology industries including: co-operation between academia and business through university Technology Transfer Offices, the ability to commercialize from the defence industries to the civilian market, an entrepreneurial start-up spirit coupled with a powerful VC community, and a highly skilled and motivated workforce. Israel’s total number of patents granted positions it first place world-wide in patents per capita, and number four in the world in the absolute number of patents approved.

Map of Israeli settlements, in navy blue, in t...

Map of Israeli settlements, in navy blue, in the West Bank (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The UK has a clear position on Israeli settlements: The West Bank, including East Jerusalem, Gaza and the Golan Heights are territories which have been occupied by Israel since 1967.

Settlements are illegal under international law, constitute an obstacle to peace and threaten to make a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict impossible.

We will not recognise any changes to the pre-1967 borders, including with regard to Jerusalem, other than those agreed by the parties.

There are therefore clear risks related to economic and financial activities in the settlements, and we do not encourage or offer support to such activity. Financial transactions, investments, purchases, procurements as well as other economic activities (including in services like tourism) in Israeli settlements or benefiting Israeli settlements, entail legal and economic risks stemming from the fact that the Israeli settlements, according to international law, are built on occupied land and are not recognised as a legitimate part of Israel’s territory. This may result in disputed titles to the land, water, mineral or other natural resources which might be the subject of purchase or investment.

EU citizens and businesses should also be aware of the potential reputational implications of getting involved in economic and financial activities in settlements, as well as possible abuses of the rights of individuals. Those contemplating any economic or financial involvement in settlements should seek appropriate legal advice.

We understand the concerns of people who do not wish to purchase goods exported from Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.  It was in order to enable consumers to make a more fully informed decision concerning the products they buy that, in December 2009, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) introduced voluntary guidelines to enable produce from Israeli settlements in the Occupied Territories to be specifically labelled as such.

English: Smuggling Tunnel, Rafah, Gaza Strip

English: Smuggling Tunnel, Rafah, Gaza Strip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Organised Crime

There is very limited evidence of serious organised crime in the West Bank.  There is some evidence of organised vehicle thefts being committed in Israel with the stolen vehicles being recycled in the West Bank, and the associated insurance pay-offs occurring in Israel.

As elsewhere, there is a drugs problem in the West Bank and Gaza. These are generally cannabis based drugs and to a lesser degree ‘designer’ drugs, such as ecstasy, and some harder drugs e.g. cocaine and heroin. This is reflected in the Palestinian prison population, whose drug-related inmate ratio is comparable to Europe.



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“After 2,000 Years Ancient Blue Dye Has Been Found That Was Used By The Children of Israel”

#AceHistoryNews says a recent amazing discovery has been made according to an Israeli Researcher about a blue dye that was used on garments at the command of God through Moses, after 2,000 years.

The mysterious source of an ancient blue dye used by the children of Israel on garments, at the command of God through Moses, has been found after 2,000 years.

An Israeli researcher says she has identified fabric that may contain a mysterious blue dye described in the Bible, one of the few remnants of the ancient color ever found.

Naama Sukenik of Israel’s Antiquities Authority said Tuesday that recent examination of a small woolen textile discovered in the 1950s found that the textile was colored with a dye from the Murex trunculus, a snail researchers believe was the source of the biblical blue or purple.

Researchers and rabbis have long searched for the enigmatic color, called tekhelet in Hebrew. The Bible commands Jews to wear a blue fringe on their garments, but the dye was lost after the dispersion of the Jews from the land in the first century.

Sukenik examined the textile for a doctorate at Bar-Ilan University and published the finding at a Jerusalem conference Monday.

The nearly 2,000-year old textile that appears to contain the biblical blue dye (Photo: AP/Clara Amit, Israel Antiquities Authority, HOPD

The biblical reference to the dye appears in Numbers 15:38-39: “Speak unto the children of Israel, and bid them that they make them fringes in the borders of their garments throughout their generations, and that they put upon the fringe of the borders a ribband of blue: And it shall be unto you for a fringe, that ye may look upon it, and remember all the commandments of the Lord, and do them ; and that ye seek not after your own heart and your own eyes, after which ye use to go a whoring.”

When Israel was scattered by Rome in the first century, the dyeing process used for millennia by the Hebrew people was lost along with the Jewish nation.

Now, 66 years after the rebirth of the Jewish state, researchers are closing in on what they believe to be the source – a mollusk that was over-harvested by Roman royalty, which adopted the color as its own. It became a crime for Jews to wear garments dyed with the color or made in Luz, the ancient Israeli city identified with the manufacture of the fabric.

The Talmud mentions two Jews captured by the Romans for the crime of having “items made in Luz,” the Israeli city identified with the manufacture of tekhelet. There were other rulings against the plebeian population wearing colors deemed royal, including bans by Roman rulers such as Julius Caesar.

The newly recovered biblical process of extracting the purplish blue dye from a Mediterranean mollusk is changing the way the commandment to wear tzitzit – the ritual fringes worn on the four-cornered prayer shawls – is being observed by some Modern Orthodox Jews.

Now, after 2,000 years, it is once again possible to include a blue (tekhelet) thread among one’s fringes, in accordance with God’s instructions to Moses.

Is God’s hand miraculously upholding Israel to this day? Watch “Against All Odds” on DVD!

Tekhelet was one of the few permanent dyes of the biblical era, made from a glandular secretion of the Murex snail called dibromoindirubin, which, after five to 10 minutes of exposure to air and sunlight, turns what’s called “biblical blue,” say Jewish scholars.

Despite rabbinical efforts to maintain use of tekhelet, by the end of the first millennium it was considered lost. Since then, observant Jews have worn white tzitzit.

The dye’s revival is due in part to the initiative of several young Orthodox professionals now living in Israel, mostly graduates of Yeshiva University’s science departments.

The blue used in the biblical garments also inspired the blue used in the modern Israeli flag.

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” The Priory Of Sion”

A Seal of the Knights Templar, who founded the...

#AceGuestNews says this is a post courtesy of a member of our “History and Research Group ” and well worth a read.

#AceGuestViews: This is his post in its entirety and his views.

The success of the novel “The Da Vinci Code” is perhaps the single most among factors which brought to public attention the Priory of Sion… History however, points out that there was a Catholic monastic order in Jerusalem by that name during the same time as the Knights Templar. This was proven to be fact by way of a papal bull stating that this order had monasteries and abbeys at Mt. Carmel in Palestine, as well as properties in southern Italy and France. In addition, an organization called the Priory of Sion registered with the bureau of records in Annemasse, France, in 1956.

The official emblem of the Priory of Sion is p...

The official emblem of the Priory of Sion is partly based on the fleur-de-lis, which was a symbol particularly associated with the French monarchy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A level of infamy was generated about the Priory of Sion because of a man named Pierre Plantard, who apparently lied his way across Europe, as he claimed to be secretary-general and then grand master of the Priory of Sion. While Plantard was allegedly serving the Priory in the 1960s, he appears to have forged documents that alluded to the survival of a sacred bloodline of the Merovingian’s, a line of Frankish kings. These documents were used as part of the research for the book “Holy Blood, Holy Grail. When authors Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln published their work in 1982, it immediately became a bestseller and stirred up a world-wide controversy over its premise that there’s a lineage still existing that stems directly from Jesus Christ… “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” caused such a sensation that it was subsequently banned by the Catholic Church. Dan Brown’s book The Da Vince Code, and other books inspired by this questionable research followed, all of which put forth this controversial theory that descendants of Jesus Christ have survived and that the Priory of Sion kept the secret. Plantard ultimately admitted that he forged the documents because he wanted to create the illusion that he too, was part of the Merovingian line. Scholars then turned on Holy Blood, Holy Grail because it utilized resources that have been more or less proven to be false. The Da Vinci Code was also widely attacked, and several books have been written that attempt to debunk its whole premise. Plantard is reported to have resigned as grand master of the Priory of Sion in 1984 after suffering public humiliation, and died in February of 2000. The controversy did not diminish or subside following Plantard’s confession and death, but rather, it in fact continued to roar by way of The Da Vinci Code.

holy grail

holy grail (Photo credit: Paul Stevenson)

On the other hand, what do we know about the Priory of Sion… A conclave of Calabrian monks left the Belgian Abbey of Oval in 1090 to journey to the Holy Land as pilgrims. Five years later, the first Crusade was launched, which ended with the capture of Jerusalem from the Muslims in 1099. One of the key players in the success of this venture was Godfrey of Bouillon, the devout knight from France. After the capture of Jerusalem the group of Calabrian monks and others elected Godfrey as de facto king of Jerusalem, but he refused the title and instead accepted that of “Protector of the Holy Sepulcher.” Godrey then founded a group of 12 knights called “the Order of the Holy Sepulcher,” which eventually evolved into the Knights Templar. As the result of the Calabrian monks support of Godfrey, which was based on the belief that he was a descendant of the Merovingian’s, and therefore as a descendant of King David through Jesus and Merovech, he was able to make a place for the monks in an abbey on Mount Zion. Sometime between 1099 and 1118, it’s believed that this group of monks (now called the Order of Sion) and the men who would later be known as the Knights Templar became one organization and unified with the same leadership. There is no record of this happening, but the Order of Sion did occupy and abbey on Mount Zion until about 1291, when Jerusalem was recaptured by Muslims…Mount Zion was also where the Knight Templar made their headquarters. The Knights Templar was formally recognized by the pope in 1139; and according to Holy Blood, Holy Grail, the Templars and the Order of Sion remained allied until an event called “the cutting of the elm” at Gisors in 1188. The history of the Templars also refers to the symbolic cutting of the elm, and the first grand master of the Priory of Sion is listed as Jean de Gisors, who was master of the castle and lands where the incident took place.

Emblem of the Military Order of Templars.

Emblem of the Military Order of Templars. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There was no acrimony between the Order of the Sion and the Knights Templar when they parted ways, as they stayed in contact for centuries subsequent. Furthermore, these two organizations shared much in the way of information and knowledge and maintained constant communication after their formal separation. Subsequent to vacating their abbey in Jerusalem, the Order of Sion seems to have existed for several hundred years until it was finally absorbed by the Jesuits in the 17th century… It is interesting to note that the Jesuits were suppressed by the Catholic Church, and this continued until their restoration in 1814. There is speculation that this may have been due to the influence of the absorbed Order of Sion? And there is evidence that the Order of Sion became the Priory of Sion after the cutting of the elm.

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