Military during Thanksgiving // Pacific Paratrooper #AceHistoryDesk says 🇱🇷Happy Thanksgiving GP 🇺🇸

FEATURED REPORT: (EGYPT) Sky News: Ministry of Antiquities reveals recently discovered animal mummies, saying they contain lion cubs among other animals found in pyramids #AceHistoryDesk reports

FEATURED REPORT: (LONDON) Middle East Monitor: The British Museum opened Britain’s first major exhib ition on Troy in 140 years this week, a stunning show of 300 objects and artworks, and a fresh 21st century take on Homer’s story of the Trojan wars (Exhibition Open Until March 2020) #AceHistoryDesk reports

(SWEDEN) FEATURED: Researchers have found Arabic Characters woven into ‘ Burial Costumes ‘ f rom ‘ Viking Boat Graves ‘ spelling out the words ‘ Allah and Ali ‘ in patte rns raising new questions over influence of Islam in Scandinavia #AceHistoryDesk reports

SNIPPETS OF HISTORY: #OnThisDay 1917 #BalfourDeclaration CALLS for establishment in Palestine of a home for Jewish people #AceHistoryDesk reports

SNIPPETS OF HISTORY: #OnThisDay 1952 U.S Exploded the ‘ first hydrogen bomb ‘ code-named ‘ Ivy Mike ‘ in the Marshall Islands @AP_Images #AceHistoryDesk reports