In 1950 Charles Windolph was the last surviving Army veteran from the battle of the Little Bighorn: Windolph was a 24 year old Sergeant from Bergen, Germany, one of many young European immigrants who came to America for the better life, but who were unable to find anything better than soldiering #AceHistoryDesk reports

#AceHistoryNews – June.27: The 600 men of Custer’s 7th was made up of dozens like him, Irish, Scots, Italians, Germans, and more. Windolph was one of the 120 men with Captain Frederick Benteen, they came to the aid of the 60 survivors of Major Reno’s now besieged unit. Reno was a demoralized mess, his attack had been repulsed, shortly after forming his skirmish lines two men immediately next to him were struck in the head, blood and brains from his Indian scout covered Reno’s face #AceHistoryDesk reports Windolph and four other German men prepared to be attacked, the ground too hard to dig, they used their saddles and rations as cover, it was wholly inadequate: Their adversaries moved off though, unbeknownst to the cavalry as they attacked Custer, this gave Benteen and Reno’s troops a chance to move, buy as they did so a massive group of warriors was coming back to them……………….They made their stand, setting up a field hospital and corral that was below the high ground, the troopers could do nothing but watch and listen to their horses and wounded being shot from above……………Completely surrounded, the troopers suffered from brave warriors who tried to draw them out by standing naked while others shot the cavalrymen who tried to pop up for a quick kill. Indians crawled in amongst the cavalry, just to “count coup” and touch a soldier before running away…………………..It was a frightening experience as night came on, they could hear the celebratory or mourning songs and see the fires in the village, troopers captured were likely being tortured, add to it the men were thirsty……………The man next to Windolph put on a coat to warm up, he was shot through the heart, another bullet shattered his own rifle stock……………….Windolph volunteered to be one of four men who would stand up and draw fire so that others could scurry to the river for water……………He did so for 20 minutes, the water trips a success, he was awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroics #OTD #AceHistoryNews

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