On #ThisDayinHistory 1987, President Reagan stood just 100 yards away from the concrete barrier dividing Eas t and West Berlin and uttered some of the most unforgettable words of his presidency: “Mr. Gorbachev , tear down this wall #AceHistoryDesk reports

#AceHistoryNews – June.12: By the time Reagan traveled to Berlin to commemorate the 750th anniversary of the city’s founding, the #BerlinWall had split the city for nearly 26 years: Officially closed on August 12, 1961, the wall was a physical barrier that also stood as a literal symbol of the ideological battle between communism and democracy that divided Berlin, Germany and the entire European continent during the #ColdWar #AceHistoryDesk reports

https://t.me/HistoricalPics/8756: Despite its later fame, Reagan’s speech received relatively little media coverage, and few accolades, at the time. Western pundits viewed it as misguided idealism on Reagan’s part, while the Soviet news agency Tass called it “openly provocative” and “war-mongering.” According to the former Reagan speechwriter Peter Robinson, who drafted the speech, even Reagan’s advisers in the State Department and National Security Council strongly objected, claiming that such a direct challenge would damage the relationship with the new Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. The Berlin Wall fell on November 9, 1989, and East and West Germany officially reunited on October 3, 1990. #History #GermanHistory #Reagan #Gorbachev #OTD #AceHistoryNews

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