On #ThisDayinHistory 1986, the world’s worst ever civil nuclear disaster to date occurs at the #Cher nobyl nuclear plant in #Ukraine: The full toll from this disaster is still being tallied 32 years later, but experts believe that thousands of people died and as many as 70,000 suffered severe poisoning #AceHistoryDe sk reports

#AceHistoryNews – Apr.26: In addition, a large area of land may not be habitable for as much as 150 years. The 18-mile radius around #Chernobyl was home to almost 150,000 people who had to be permanently relocated #AceHistoryDesk reports

In #Ukraine, in the first 5 years after the disaster, cases of cancer among children increased by over 90%. And, during the first 20 years after the accident, approximately 5,000 cases of thyroid cancer were registered in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus among those who were younger than eighteen at the time of the explosion………….The World Health Organization estimates that approximately 5,000 cancer deaths were related to the Chernobyl accident, but this figure is often challenged by independent experts…………….It took nine years after the fall of the USSR to close the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station and more than 25 years to build a new shelter over the damaged reactor. #Chernobyl #Nuclear #History #Ukraine #History

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