FEATURED: One the first day of July in the third year of the First World War, 101 years ago today, the British and French launched their long-awaited relief offensive on the Western Front #AceHistoryNews – @AceHistoryNews

#AceHistoryNews – July.30: With the Somme River region at the epicenter of the operation, the goal was to pry the Germans away from Verdun, where since February the French were barely hanging on to their seriously outdated forts #AceHistoryDesk reports

https://t.me/HistoricalPics/6504 But the Battle of the Somme only became what it planned to erase. By the end of the first month the offensive ground down to the same quagmire of Verdun, and by its conclusion in November, exactly one month to the day before the Battle of Verdun ended, as many lives had been lost as had been in Verdun #AceHistoryNews

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