SNIPPETS OF HISTORY NEWS: ‘ The 1983 War Scare Declassified and For Real ‘

#AceHistoryNews – Oct.26: Washington D.C., October 24, 2015 – The newly released Soviet “War Scare” report – previously classified “TOP SECRET UMBRA GAMMA WNINTEL NOFORN NOCONTRACT ORCON” and published today after a 12-year fight by the National Security Archive – reveals that the 1983 War Scare was real.

According to the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB), the United States “may have inadvertently placed our relations with the Soviet Union on a hair trigger” during the 1983 NATO nuclear release exercise, Able Archer 83.

Policymakers, and now historians have had vehement disagreements about the War Scare, leading some to describe the debate as “an echo chamber of inadequate research and misguided analysis,” and the CIA itself to downplay the danger in its 1984 review.

This newly declassified PFIAB document, however, provides the strongest evidence to date that the danger of the War Scare was real, as the only study written with access to all US intelligence files on US/NATO actions and the Soviet response in the fall of 1983.All-Source Intelligence Report finds US-Soviet Nuclear Relations on “Hair Trigger” in 1983

Alert Air Force General acted “out of instinct, not informed guidance” to Stop Escalation of the Crisis

President Reagan: “Really Scary”

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