Bf 109 pilots in North Africa used to fix bottles of Coca Cola to the underside of their wings so that the drink would cool at high altitude and be ready to drink after landing.

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Some historical trivia about Coca Cola.


n 1925, the Coca-Cola Company commissioned a brass watch fob in the shape of a Swastika emblazoned with the company logo and the message to drink Coca-Cola in bottles for 5 cents. This may sound shocking today but at the time the Swastika was still a symbol of good luck derived from Buddhist origins and would not become a symbol of evil until the Nazi Party rose to power with Hitler’s ascension to Chancellor of Germany in 1933.

 By the time the Second World War broke out in 1939, Coca-Cola had been operating a production plant inside Germany for a decade. When America entered the arena in 1941, Company Director Robert Woodruff offered all servicemen a subsidy of paying only 5 cents for a bottle of coke. While attempting to drive patriotism behind the brand, the tactic also ensured the…

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