FEATURED: ‘ Former CIA director ‘was part of cover-up over JKF’s assassination’

#AceHistoryNews – Oct.08: A former CIA director may have been ‘complicit’ in covering up President Kennedy’s assassination, a new report has suggested.

President John F. Kennedy delivers a speech at a rally in Fort Worth, Texas several hours before his assassination in this November 22, 1963 (Picture: REUTERS/JFK Library/The White House/Cecil Stoughton/Handout)

John McCone, who had recently been made director of the CIA by JFK, gave evidence at the inquest into the president’s death, and even pledged ‘full cooperation’ with the Warren Commission, set up to investigate the murder.

However CIA historian David Robarge has published a report containing declassified information, which allegedly reveals that the CIA acknowledges McCone’s role in a ‘benign cover-up’ operation.

It even claims that McCone, who died in 1991, withheld ‘incendiary’ information about the 1963 assassination.

​​Former CIA director John McCone: (Picture: John Knoote/ANL/REX Shutterstock)​

While the report does not dispute the essential facts about JFK’s assassination – and accepts that Lee Harvey Oswald was a ‘lone wolf’ gunman’ – it claims many of the CIA’s recent activities were omitted.

Robarge claims that McCone withheld information from the commission about CIA plots to assassinate Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, reportedly because it suggested ties between the CIA and the American Mafia.

A CIA spokesperson told Politico that the report was declassified ‘to highlight misconceptions about the CIA’s connection to JFK’s assassination’.

Robarge’s biography on McCone, which was written in 2005, remains classified by the spy agency, however they did approve releasing the report, which is taken from the book.

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