Watch Video: ‘ Archaeologists exhume 1000-year-old corpse ‘

#AceHistoryNews – Sept.27: This is the incredible moment that a group of archaeologists exhumed a 1000-year-old corpse during a historical dig in Denmark.

The coffin was exhumed on the site of St Alban’s Priory, Odense, where King Canute IV of Denmark was killed by rebels in 1086.

It was this death, and the history of the church that the archaeological team were hoping to discover a little bit more about.

But they were stunned to find the coffin – and discovered the skeleton of a six foot man inside after removing the coffin’s limestone lid.

(Picture: YouTube/Fyens.DK)(Picture: YouTube/Fyens.DK)

He was also buried with a miniature Eucharist set – including a plate for the bread and a chalice for the wine.

As for the man’s identity, the team believes that the man could be Eilbert, Bishop of Odense from between 1048 to 1072 -who was a religious cleric of high importance.

If they are proved right, then the grave will become the oldest bishop’s grave in northern Europe – with the skeletal remains currently being moved to the University of Southern Denmark for extensive study.

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