Palestinian History: a Nakba,Naksa and Oslo..

Great post of historical interest Nadia regards Ian 🌷

نادية حرحش

Inside this static situation, it seems useless to reflect. As we are commemorating Oslo these days for a two-decade plus anniversary, an obvious realization amid the Palestinian street is that of anger and disappointment. As if Oslo is the reason behind the ongoing mess.
It is true that Oslo has never been the just accord for the Palestinian liberation, and thus, the Palestinian cause. It served however some aspects that defined the Palestinian being within an identity that became recognized.
Being a critical of the PA puts me in an immediate line with that which opposes Oslo. But somewhere we are standing on that cross road of a realization that Oslo is not the worse thing that happened. It is the PA that is the worse thing that happened.
So somehow it stands this way, originally, the pa as an outcome of Oslo was intended to be something good for…

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