Teacher’s Stories #1

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Excuse Us for Living

A Teacher’s Stories, No. 1

“The Gong Show”



     Excuse us for living, but we teachers all have enough stories to cause each of us to say that familiar phrase, “I could write a book.” Such stories run the gambit depending on our assignments and positions as educators. For me it was thirteen years as a teacher and twenty years as an administrator. So the stories are not solely what children said and did – -though those are the most precious – -but also about things I did and school events. My career as an educator spanning those thirty-three years took me to seven school districts, in six different schools, serving “very approximately” 4,000+ children. My envy goes out to my fellow educators who had the luxury to work in one school in one school district their entire career.


     Ridgedale School on Ridgedale Avenue, Florham Park…

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