Father of a Revolution

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“The Great American Cause owes as much to the pen of Paine as to the sword of Washington.”
– Joel Barlow

The two greatest works by Thomas Paine are, of course, interconnected. Both clearly show how despots, dictators and monarchs are all one and the same and that God never intended for man to be ruled by other other men. “All men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.” It is amazing how many present-day scholars rarely acknowledge Thomas Paine’s hand in founding this nation. He is one of the few unknown or forgotten forefathers and if it were not for him, we would neither have the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, nor have won the Revolutionary War. He is an unsung hero who was pushed aside and swept under the rug by history; branded an atheist by Americans, as well as Europeans…

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“Belling the Cat,” or more Bells

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John Edwin Noble (Photo credit: Bridgeman Images)

This post is a continuation of recent posts featuring bells.  It also belongs to a series on Fables and other works featuring animals.

Sources and Classification

Aesop (620 and 560 BCE) was a Greek story teller who told Fables. It could be that he also wrote the fables he told, but these appear to have been transmitted orally from generation to generation. They therefore belong to an oral traditionas is the case with fairy tales. It has been claimed Aesop was a “Levantin,” i.e. from the Middle East,[1] that he was a freed slave, that he was forced to jump to his death or pushed down a cliff, but the truth is that we do not know whether or no there ever lived an Aesop.


  • The Life of Aesop
  • Maximus Planudes
  • Jean de La Fontaine

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SNIPPETS OF HISTORY: ‘ On this day in History first post-WW11 Jewish Wedding in Berlin ‘

This Day in Jewish History: The first post-WWII Jewish wedding in Berlin is held
by David B. Green
The Nazis boasted that Berlin was ‘Jew-free.’ Not so, and it was Rabbi Martin Riesenburger – safe through marriage to an Aryan – who kept the spirit alive.


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