SNIPPETS OF HISTORY NEWS: ‘ Fanny Bullock Workman one of the first female Professional Mountaineer’s ‘

#AceHistoryNews – July.29: Fanny Bullock Workman (1859–1925) was an American geographer, cartographer, explorer, travel writer, and mountaineer, notably in the Himalaya. She was one of the first female professional mountaineers; she not only explored but also wrote about her adventures.

She set several women’s altitude records, published eight travel books with her husband, and championed women’s rights and women’s suffrage. Educated in the finest schools available to women, she was introduced to climbing in New Hampshire. She married William Hunter Workman, and traveled the world with him. The couple had two children, but left them in schools and with nurses. Workman saw herself as a New Woman who could equal any man.

The Workmans wrote books about each trip and Workman frequently commented on the state of the lives of women that she saw. They explored several glaciers and conquered several mountains of the Himalaya, eventually
reaching 23,000 feet (7,000 m), a women’s altitude record at the time.
Workman became the first woman to lecture at the Sorbonne and the second
to speak at the Royal Geographical Society. She received many medals of
honor and was recognized as one of the foremost climbers of her day.


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