5 Crazy Real Life WWII Soldiers Who Make Rambo Look Like My Mother!!

Give Me Liberty

This is from War History OnLine. 

I sadly have not heard of any of these men.


War brings out many things in a man. The good, the bad and the ugly. These 5 everyday soldiers pulled off amazing feats of bravery at a time when their comrades needed them.

#1 Tommy Prince


“He moved with absolute quiet because of the pair of moccasins he’d wear… sometimes, instead of killing the Germans, he’d steal something from them. Other times, he’d slit their throats and not make a sound.”

At the outbreak of World War II, Prince volunteered to fight with the Canadian Army and although Prince easily met the requirements for recruitment, he was turned down several times before he was finally accepted on June 3, 1940. He was originally a member of the Royal Canadian Engineers, trained as a sapper. He volunteered for duty with a parachute unit designated the 1st Canadian…

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