Canada’s Stolen Generations: the legacy of residential schools – Rear Vision – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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 ” It recommended the Pope apologize for the Catholic Church’s role in the system, ..

Canada may have a reputation as a good guy on the world stage, but its recently completed Truth and Reconciliation Commission revealed a dark truth: for nearly a century the government forced indigenous children into residential schools where up to 75 per cent were abused. Annabelle Quince reports.

‘Canada has this image internationally of a great defender of human rights violations, the protector of human rights throughout the world, but in its own backyard it’s violated the rights of the First Peoples indiscriminately for years and years. And the greatest human rights violation has been the imposition of the residential school experience.’

Phil Fontaine, Aboriginal Canadian leader

For over 100 years, Canada had a policy of removing indigenous children as young as six years old from their families and placing them in residential schools run jointly by churches…

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