Article: Berlin woman’s memoir of mass rape reviewed: from the archive, 17 June 1955

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Berlin woman’s memoir of mass rape reviewed: from the archive, 17 June 1955


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Nazi Crimes Hunter’s Deplorable Interference With Croatian WWII Pensions

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Croatia, the War, and the Future

Croatian Regular Army Formed 1941 as Kingdom Of Yugoslavia Folded Home Guards/Domobrani march in Gospic 1941 Croatian Regular Army Formed 1941 as
Kingdom Of Yugoslavia Folded
Home Guards/Domobrani march in Gospic 1941

Efraim Zuroff, Nazi war crimes headhunter, head of Israel based Simon Wiesenthal Centre, has according to the media revealed that he wrote a letter, in May, to the Croatian Prime Minister, Zoran Milanovic, calling for Croatia to withdraw pensions given to members of WWII Independent State of Croatia armed forces (Ustashi as well as soldiers of the Home Guard Army – Domobran). Efraim Zuroff said last week that such pensions are an embarrassment to Croatia and an “insult to their victims”!

In view of the horrendous war crimes committed in the so-called Independent State of Croatia (NDH)… such a policy is inherently mistaken,” the centre’s chief Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff said in a letter to Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic.

I find it deeply disturbing that due criticism and condemnation from…

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THE EVE OF WATERLOO -by: Lord Byron (1788-1824) –


THERE was a sound of revelry by night,
And Belgium’s capital had gathered then
Her beauty and her chivalry, and bright
The lamps shone o’er fair women and brave men.
A thousand hearts beat happily; and when
Music arose with its voluptuous swell,
Soft eyes looked love to eyes which spake again,
And all went merry as a marriage bell;
But hush! hark! a deep sound strikes like a rising knell!
Did ye not hear it? — No; ’twas but the wind,
Or the car rattling o’er the stony street;
On with the dance! let joy be unconfined;
No sleep till morn, when youth and pleasure meet
To chase the glowing hours with flying feet.
But hark! — that heavy sound breaks in once more,
As if the clouds its echo would repeat;
And nearer, clearer, deadlier than before;
Arm! arm! it is — it is — the cannon’s opening roar!

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this day in crime history: june 12, 1962

Nobody Move!

On this date in 1962, prison officials at Alcatraz discovered that inmates Frank Morris, and brothers John and Clarence Anglin had apparently escaped from the federal prison. The escape took over two years to plan and execute. The escapees used stolen materials to make a raft to escape on and dummies to place in their bunks. They tunneled from their cells into the prison ventilation shaft, through which they climbed up to the roof of the prison. They climbed down from the roof, made it to the water, and paddled away on their homemade raft. The men were never found and were presumed drowned in San Francisco Bay.

Further reading:

“The Great Escape from Alcatraz”

FBI Files: Alcatraz Escape

IMDb: Escape from Alcatraz

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Article: Fragment of Gutenberg Bible expected to top $500,000 at auction

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Fragment of Gutenberg Bible expected to top $500,000 at auction


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Article: Unknown poems by Katherine Mansfield found in a Chicago library

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Unknown poems by Katherine Mansfield found in a Chicago library


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ZIMBABWE: ‘ Archeologists revisit forgotten Urban site ‘

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08/06/2015 11:58
Mapela: archaeologists re-visit a forgotten urban site in Zimbabwe: Near the border with Botswana i… #AH2RN2014


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@AceBreakingNews – Archeologists Rebuild Tower for Hoisting Beasts into Colesseum @MailOnline ‘

10 Female Soldiers Who Fought For The Bad Guys

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Give Me Liberty

This is from ListVerse.

The only two names on this list I know about is Mildred Gillars and Hanna Reitsch.

Although they haven’t always been accepted on history’s battlefields, women have still played vital roles in a number of wars. While some, like Molly Pitcher, are celebrated heroes, others are remembered ignominiously because they served the “bad guys” in national and global conflicts.

10 Mildred Gillars

1- Mildred Gillars Photo credit:

Though not nearly as famous as Iva Toguri and the other women who were known as Tokyo Rose during World War II, Mildred Gillars played her part as a propagandist for the Germans and was known to the Allied forces as Axis Sally. An American from Ohio, she moved to Germany, where she struggled to make a living in the years before World War II. Once war broke out, she became romantically involved with the station manager at the radio station…

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OFFICIAL Day of the Russian Language… Our People’s Distinction, the Incarnation of the Russian People!

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Voices from Russia

00 O Russian Land. 25.09.14.



In Donetsk, the Day of the Russian Language has always been a day of struggle for our cultural and linguistic rights. Now, it’s especially important for us to apprehend and understand that for which we fought for, to realise its true value. The Russian language is our principal inheritance. It incarnates the centuries-old history of the Russian people. It passes on to us the wisdom in our Russian proverbs and sayings. The Russian language is great, unique, multifaceted, melodic, sophisticated, and allegorical. The suppleness of our native language allows us to say things with many different shades and nuances. A language has the story of a people, its path of civilisation, so, the study and preservation of the Russian language isn’t just a leisure-time fancy, it’s a matter of some urgency. For us, it isn’t just an official language… it’s our treasured national heritage, the vehicle of our spirituality, and the…

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