10 Female Soldiers Who Fought For The Bad Guys

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This is from ListVerse.

The only two names on this list I know about is Mildred Gillars and Hanna Reitsch.

Although they haven’t always been accepted on history’s battlefields, women have still played vital roles in a number of wars. While some, like Molly Pitcher, are celebrated heroes, others are remembered ignominiously because they served the “bad guys” in national and global conflicts.

10 Mildred Gillars

1- Mildred Gillars Photo credit: Stripes.com

Though not nearly as famous as Iva Toguri and the other women who were known as Tokyo Rose during World War II, Mildred Gillars played her part as a propagandist for the Germans and was known to the Allied forces as Axis Sally. An American from Ohio, she moved to Germany, where she struggled to make a living in the years before World War II. Once war broke out, she became romantically involved with the station manager at the radio station…

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