A guest post on (too much) Lecturing in HS History

Granted, and...

In a previous post, I posed the question – based on student survey data and my own observations over the years – why do HS history teachers lecture so much? It generated more lengthy and numerous comments than almost any post in the history of this blog.

In that post I mentioned my old friend and former colleague Mark Williams who is as good as anybody I have ever seen at causing history to be learned and loved, with minimal lecturing. At my request, he offered his thoughts on the issue:

Since Grant gave me a nice shout-out in “Why do history teachers lecture so much?,” I am delighted to respond with my own two cents on the question he poses. I begin with this from the past:

Sometime around the middle of the 15th century Johannes Gutenberg developed (or copied, if you believe the plaintiffs in the…

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