Singapore from the Britsh Pathe News

The Heartlander Tourist

This is the golden jubilee year of Singapore’s seperation from the Federation of Malaysia. And while many of us have grown up on a diet of local faces reporting local news, it’s quite interesting to watch newsreels in black and white reported from British eyes. I found this the British Pathe News (formerly of the Pathe News agency), and it was a rather nice find, so here’s a quick history class of Singapore, from the eyes of the British Pathe News.

British Pathe has some 80,000 videos on their youtube site and it covers stories from the past. There are also other productions of Singapore from different companies of course, but this post will focus on the news slant, from British Pathe News.

Floods in Singapore (1925)

Thaipusam (1937)

Japan begins it South East Asian Campaign (1941)

Preparations for the impending War in Singapore (1941)

British Women and Children arrive…

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