Future Is Here Now

Gene Luptak

In 1968 when I interviewed Dr. Edward David, we did not have computers in our homes or the internet, Facebook, smart phones, GPS gadgets, iPads or all the other digital stuff we have now. Dr. David at that time was head of Research and Development at Bell Telephone Laboratories. I had to write this interview back then on a manual typewriter; we didn’t have computers in 1968 in the newsroom.

Here is part of that interview:

“The time that a fellow can telephone a blind date and find out what she looks like before asking her out isn’t too far in the future.  It will be here when the picture phones — a telephone that offers television along with it — gets on the market.

“‘Although we do some work for space projects and defense, we are primarily concerned with the man on the street,’ said Dr. David, adding the…

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