“I try to decorate my imagination as…”

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shubert by klimt

“I try to decorate my imagination as much as I can.”

– Franz Schubert. composer (painting by Gustav Klimt)

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This painting entitled “Schubert at the Piano” by Gustav Klimt (1899) was destroyed in World War II.

We can’t see Schubert at the Piano in any museum.  This and the other Klimt paintings collected by Lederer, were destroyed in 1945 when retreating Nazis set Schloss Immendorf on fire.  The paintings from the Lederer collection had been placed at the residence of Baron Rudolf Freudenthan, an officer in the Wehrmacht (German armed forces), for safekeeping in 1943.  O’Connor recounts that the Lederer Klimt collection of “as many as fourteen spectacular Klimt paintings” included Golden Apple Tree, Philosophy and Jurisprudence (which the Lederers had purchased when the University of Vienna rejected them), Girl Friends and Music II (“The precise number of paintings burned…

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