March 6, 1945

Its Tuesday already and Wayne visits the hospital #AceMustRead

Wayne's Journal


Today finds Wayne still being treated for ear fungus in the 155th Station Hospital on Morotai Island . . . .

March 6, 1945

Still in hospital under sulfa drug treatment, 45 pills in the last 24 hrs. Ear seems to be draining visibly; but I can still feel minor twinges of pain. Expect to remain here only a few more days.

The 14th our squadron1 is scheduled to leave for Puerto Princessa, Palawan Island of the Philippines. Heigh ho, and it’s probably Borneo we’ll be bombing, though I hope not. Things are tough down that way, I understand. Where is your patriotism Wayne? That? Oh Hell, I’m so weary of war.2

Wrote letters to Bonnie and Mary Grace today.

It’s raining again today. Mud, as king, holds sway!

Three aircraft down over Zamboanga.3 The past three days fourteen men saved, one radio operator lost. Boys…

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March 5, 1945

Its the Monday spot for A. Gray really worth a read. #AceMustRead

Wayne's Journal


At last! After a 48-day hiatus, Wayne finally writes in his journal. He is a patient in the 155th Station Hospital1 on the Cape Gila Peninsula of Morotai Island in the Netherland East Indies.

March 5, 1945

Flew missions on the 17th and 19th [of January] my 61st2 and 62nd3 respectively. The last two before going to Sydney, Australia on my second rest leave. Between the 19th and the 26th, flew no missions because we’re getting ready to move out.

On the 26th [of January] flew to Hollandia and checked in at the 22nd Replacement Center. Stayed here for three days. That place hasn’t changed much. A lot less material and planes. The roads dusty as heck but little traffic. PX stuff easy to obtain.

The place swarms with WACs and is like a ghost town now compared to what it was when we were temporarily…

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