General Douglas MacArthur’s Prophetic Warning to the American People

The Defensive Training Group


Quoted from here.  We were told.  By great leaders.  The Nation turned inward toward its own selfish interests, and here we are.  Sobering.

Timothy A. Pope, 16 Feb 15

Love him or hate him, the indomitable General of the Army, Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964), an indelible military genius, was a great American—perhaps one of the greatest. He was a patriot, a warrior, a statesman, a rebel, a leader, a brilliant commander and a poet who never minced words nor failed to accomplish the mission at hand. He excelled at everything he put his hand to, and set the bar high and lofty for all men and women who are desirous to be actively engaged in the animating contest of Freedom. MacArthur lived in tumultuous times and presided over great struggles and battles fought for reasons up to and including the preservation of Liberty in every clime and place.

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