Obama will decide on top honor for black WWI hero

this day in crime history: december 11,1985

Nobody Move!

On this date in 1985, Hugh Scrutton, a computer store owner in Sacramento, CA was killed when a bomb loaded with nails and splinters exploded in the parking lot of his store. Scrutton was the ninth victim, and first fatality, in the 17 year bombing spree of the man who turned out to be the nuttiest of nutty professors: Ted Kaczynski, a.k.a. the Unabomber. By the time he was arrested in 1994, Kaczynski had planted sixteen bombs. Two of the bombs were defused before they could explode. The other fourteen bombs killed three and injured eleven. He is currently serving a life sentence (without the possibility of parole) in federal prison.

Further reading:

Wikipedia – Theodore Kaczynski

Crime Library – Ted Kaczynski: The Unabomber

FBI – The Unabomber

The Unabomber’s Manifesto

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Uncurrent Events 12.12.14


Today In The Past


627 – Battle at NinevehByzantine emperor Heraclius beats Perzen

1098 – 1st Crusaders capture & plunder Mara Syria

1408 – Order of the Dragon: The Order of the Dragon was first created on December 12, 1408 by Emperor Sigismund, then King of Hungary, and his wife Queen Barbara of Celje following the battle for possession of Bosnia.

1479 – Jews are expelled from Schlettstadt Alsace by Emperor Frederick III

1524 – Pope Clement VII approves Organization of Jewish Community of Rome

1653 – Barebone-parliament ends

1677 – Brandenburgs army occupies Stettin

1791 – Bank of US opens

1792 – In Vienna, Ludwig Von Beethoven (22) receives 1st lesson in music composition from Franz Joseph Haydn

1800 – Washington DC established as capital of US

1812 – French invasion of Russia comes to an end.

1822 – Mexico officially recognized as an independent nation by US

1862 – Battle of Dumfries, VA

1862 – 

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►Greek Mythology: “The Harpies, Winged Bird Monsters”.-

⚡️La Audacia de Aquiles⚡️

►Greek Mythology: “The Harpies, Winged Bird Monsters”:


"Aeneas and his Companions Fighting the Harpies" by François Perrier (17th century). “Aeneas and his Companions Fighting the Harpies” by François Perrier (17th century).



In Greek Mythology, a harpy was a female monster in the form of a bird with a human face.

They were  the spirits of sudden, sharp gusts of wind.

They were known as the hounds of Zeus and were sent by him to snatch away people and things from the earth.

The harpies were also they were agents of punishment who abducted people and tortured them on their way toHades’ domains. Like the Erinyes, the harpies were employed by the gods as instruments for the punishment of the guilty.

They seem originally to have been wind spirits. Their name means “snatchers”.

Aeschylus in The “Eumenides” (Third part of “The Oresteia”) referred to them as ugly winged bird-women. 

Odysseus-SirensLater Greeks transformed Harpies into Sirens, which can be seen in depictions of Odysseus on his…

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Dec 7th: This day in history…

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In 1987, the first Palestinian intifada, or uprising, began as riots broke out in Gaza and spread to the West Bank…


In 1987, 43 people were killed after a disgruntled PSA employee [what was the name? Mo-ham-id maybe?] aboard a Pacific Southwest Airlines jetliner in California apparently opened fire on a fellow passenger, the pilots and himself, causing the plane to crash….

Dec. 7, 1941, the Empire of Japan launched a pre-emptive air raid on the U.S. Navy base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii as well as targets in Malaya, Hong Kong, Guam, the Philippines and Wake Island; the United States declared war against Japan the next day.

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Pearl Harbor survivors gather for annual remembrance ceremony

this day in crime history: december 8, 1980

Nobody Move!


On this date in 1980, former Beatle John Lennon was shot and killed outside his apartment building in New York City by a pathetic loser named Mark David Chapman. Chapman was arrested and charged with second degree murder. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to twenty years to life in prison. He first came up for parole in 2000. His parole was denied. He has been denied at every subsequent parole hearing. He is eligible again in August 2014.

Further reading:

Crime Library – Mark David Chapman: The Man Who Killed John Lennon

Wikipedia – Death of John Lennon

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My Vietnam, 1970

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Excuse Us for Living

My Vietnam

January 24-December 11, 1970




                                            Note the location of Cam Ranh Bay peninsula where I was stationed.



            A typical late 1960’s scene (1967)of US Army barracks on Cam Ranh Bay just before I arrived in early 1970.



     Excuse us for living, but not all of us who were drafted and sent to the Vietnam War were in the “boonies,” the jungle, fighting as combat soldiers. – -“South Vietnam” and the “Vietnam Conflict,” to be precise. For every combat soldier, there were 11 of us serving as support troops. At the height of our troop strength, there were 550,000 of us. You can do the math as to the numbers involved in actual combat. “Occupying” territory turned out to be our main mission and…

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More Vietnam, No. 2

Excuse Us for Living

  More Vietnam, No. 2:

“Turkey Reagan”



     Excuse us for living, but some stories, anecdotes, just have to be told! And my story of Turkey Reagan from my Vietnam service, 1970, is just one of many. But, if you ask me, the best one!

As background, I refer you to a previous post of mine, “My Vietnam, 1970.” You can find it in the right margin near the top or way down at the bottom, last one, by clicking on “Vietnam.” There, among other things, I give my apologies for relating humorous things that happened to me serving in Cam Ranh Bay, South Vietnam, when so many thousands of G.I.s gave their lives or were severely wounded. And there I describe the sandy Headquarters Company area of the 97th Military Police Battalion as if it were a M*A*S*H TV stage set for my Vietnam episodes.

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Why I Call Myself a Holocaust Denier by Paul Eisen

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