SNIPPETS OF HISTORY: ‘ Operation Linebacker ll A/KA Christmas Bombings of North Vietnam ‘

#AceHistory2ResearchNews – USA:Dec.18 – On December 14 1972 with Henry Kissinger being unable to find any common ground acceptable to both Vietnamese parties in two renewed rounds of negotiations, Nixon ordered massive B–52 attacks on the North Vietnamese heartland called the “Christmas Bombing.” or operation Linebacker ll

​United States Air Force B-52 bombing crews at Andersen Air Base in Guam being briefed on the U.S.’s final major aerial bombing campaign in North Vietnam, Operation Linebacker II.

Meanwhile he continued to exert intense pressure on Thieu, threatening to cut off U.S. economic, military, and political support of South Vietnam if Thieu refused to accept the agreement.

Negotiations resumed on January 8, 1973, and the United States and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam initialed the agreement on January 23.

Thieu reluctantly accepted the settlement despite his continued misgivings, and the peace agreement was signed on January 27.