SNIPPETS OF HISTORY: ‘ Hurricane Claudette Third Tropical Storm & First Hurricane of 2003 ‘

#AceHistoryNews – Nov.16 – Hurricane Claudette was the third tropical storm and first hurricane of the 2003 Atlantic hurricane season. A fairly long-lived July Atlantic hurricane, Claudette began as a tropical wave in the eastern Caribbean.
It moved quickly westward, brushing past the Yucatán Peninsula before moving north-westward through the Gulf of Mexico.

Claudette remained a tropical storm until just before making landfall in Port O’Connor, Texas, when it quickly strengthened to a strong Category 1 hurricane.
Forecasting its path and intensity was uncertain, resulting in widespread and often unnecessary preparations along its path.

Claudette was the first hurricane to make landfall in July in the United States since Hurricane Danny in the 1997 season.

The hurricane caused one death and moderate damage in Texas, mostly from strong winds, as well as extensive beach erosion.

Because of the damage, President George W. Bush declared portions of South Texas as a Federal Disaster Area, allowing the affected citizens to apply for aid.

Claudette also caused significant rainfall and minor damage in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, as well as minor damage on Saint Lucia.