SNIPPETS OF HISTORY: ‘ Battle of Atlanta In 1864 and President Lincoln’s Re-Election ‘

#AceHistory2ResearchNews – UNITED STATES (Atlanta) – September 01 – The Battle of Atlanta was a battle of the Atlanta Campaign fought during the American Civil War on July 22, 1864, just south-east of Atlanta, Georgia.

​Continuing their summer campaign to seize the important rail and supply centre of Atlanta, Union forces commanded by William T. Sherman overwhelmed and defeated Confederate forces defending the city under John B. Hood. Union Maj. Gen. James B. McPherson was killed during the battle.

​Despite the implication of finality in its name, the battle occurred midway through the campaign, and the city did not fall until September 2, 1864, after a Union siege and various attempts to seize rail-roads and supply lines leading to Atlanta.

After taking the city, Sherman’s troops headed south-south-eastward toward Milledgeville, the state capital, and on to Savannah with the March to the Sea.

The fall of Atlanta was especially noteworthy for its political ramifications.

In the 1864 election, former Union general George B. McClellan, a Democrat, ran against President Lincoln, on a peace platform calling for a truce with the Confederacy.

The capture of Atlanta and Hood’s burning of military facilities as he evacuated, were extensively covered by Northern newspapers, significantly boosting Northern morale, and Lincoln was re-elected by a large margin.