100° birthday of war and war tourism

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100 years ago my parents were born. They would be part of the last Europeans having to face two major international wars plus a cold war.

100 years ago there was also a special Christmas celebration in the beautiful fields which were lying ruined in the dark days. In Ploegsteert (Wallonia) near to Mesen (Flanders) British and German soldiers fraternised and played football on Christmas eve.

Location of Ypres in West Flanders Location of Ypres in West Flanders (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For many where the First World War is concerned, Ypres comes to mind first and tourism seems to concentrate on the British people who have mostly that place in mind.

Sandy Evrard, the mayor of the small village of Mesen in southern West Flanders on the border with France does not seem to be so pleased that the tourist offices and tour buses do not try to bring other places also in the…

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