Who legally owns the Islas Malvinas (Falkland Islands)

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Barak – “Listen up, I can’t take sides on this issue as we have huge investments in Latin America”

Barak – May I suggest you get a couple of our oil big boys such as Anadarko involved and maybe you can drag us into a potential conflict as we would have to protect our own citizens”

Cameron – “What a fantastic Idea – You know I get good backhanders from Rockhopper, Desire Petroleum and Falklands Oil & Gas so adding another expert fraudster could really make it work”

Barak – “Please be careful with this David. You know these companies are virtual companies and the fact that there is no oil and gas of commercial value down there and if this gets out my investments in Latin America could be in jeopardy so lets both get involved but do it under the radar”

Cameron – “Don’t worry my old chum…

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