Humans and saber-toothed tiger met in Germany 300,000 years ago

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Mindblowing stuff, Science being rewritten all the time. Changing what we thought we know. We will never know everything, through Science nor Religion or Religious Texts but I love new discoveries that change how we thought.

Scientists of the Lower Saxony Heritage Authority and of the University of Tübingen excavating at the Schöningen open-cast coal mine in north-central Germany have discovered the remains of a saber-toothed cat preserved in a layer some 300,000 years old — the same stratum in which wooden spears were found, indicating that early humans also inhabited the area, which at that time was the bank of a shallow lake.

The discovery sheds new light on the relationship between early humans and beasts of prey. It is highly likely that humans were confronted by saber-toothed cats at the Schöningen lakeside. In that case, all the human could do was grab his up to 2.3m long spear…

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