An Insane Population Ruled by an Insane King

The Synagogue of Satan

Then came the time when it appeared that all of humanity was going to go insane. A good fourth of Europe died out as a result of the plague that broke out in 1347 and lasted sixteen months. After the plague came famine, people ate vermin and dogs , “chair et trippes” ( human flesh and entrails ). The n followed an other epidemic and again famine. Everybody wandered around aimlessly, no one worked anymore, they just waited for death in unrelenting despair. 

“fuyons”—(According to the Journal of the Bourgeois), the country people cried out:—aux bois avec les bêtes fauves. Adieu les femmes et les enfants. Faisons le pis que nous pourrons. Remettons nous en la main du Diable. (“Flee to the woods with wild beasts. Farewell to the women and children. Let’s do the worst that we can. Let’s put ourselves into…

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