A Biography of Carter G. Woodson Father of Black History


When you control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his actions.
Carter G. Woodson


We must continually give thanks to the ancestors

Who was the father of black history? Carter Godwin Woodson created the field of African-American history at the turn of the twentieth century. Born on December 19, 1875, Woodson was the son of two former slaves who had nine children; Woodson was the seventh. He rose from these modest origins to become a respected historian and is known today as the father of black history.


Woodson’s parents owned a 10-acre tobacco farm near the James River in Virginia, and their children had to spend most of their days doing farm work to help the family survive. This wasn’t an unusual situation for farm families in late 19th-century America, but it did mean that young Woodson had little time to pursue his studies.


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