Celebrating Black History Month: The Black History Moment Series #2. The Middle Passage.

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The Militant Negro™


By Jueseppi B.



Throughout the month Of February, TheObamaCrat™ will post a daily series called The Black History Moment Series. Each day for 28 days of this historic month you will be given the food of Black History to satisfy your hunger for knowledge. 


The series starts now: The Black History Moment Series #2. The Middle Passage.



THE Middle Passage Documentary by Steven Spielberg


Published on Nov 2, 2013

Narrated by Debbie Allen

For weeks, months, sometimes as long as a year, they waited in the dungeons of the slave factories scattered along Africa’s western coast. They had already made the long, difficult journey from Africa’s interior — but just barely. Out of the roughly 20 million who were taken from their homes and sold into slavery, half didn’t complete the journey to the African coast, most of those dying along the way.

And the worst…

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