History of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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Did you know the original term for Syphilis was “The French Disease“, it made the flesh fall off your face, and killed millions of people? Ever wonder about state-of-the-art treatment for S.T.D.’s in the middle ages?

Did you know that in the 17th century, patients with syphilis were made to wear yellow in hospital ‘foul’ wards, and nicknamed “canaries” (the yellow clothing) until Westmoreland Lock Hospital in Dublin–the first to treat people with venereal diseases–opened in 1792? Of course you didn’t. Neither did I.

From stdpanels.com, an innovative timeline:

History of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The samples shown here barely do it justice, it’s formatted in a way that can only be appreciated by visiting the site, and navigating from the 1400s, all the way up to the 21st century.

For a long time it was thought that syphilis and gonorrhea were the same disease…

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When Judged by the Content of His Character


Martin Luther King, Jr. and men like him play a useful role in the continuation and aggrandizement of the State—i.e. they are useful to the state.

Government and liberty are at opposite ends of the spectrum. It is a zero sum game: More government = Less Liberty. In a truly free world (a stateless society) there would be no such thing as a Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday. That is because men like Martin Luther King would not exist. That, in turn, is because they would be of no use or value to anyone

Do not bother wasting your time calling me names or picking nits about references, what kind of prostitutes the man preferred, etc. I have been re-bloging this piece every MLK day since 2008. I have heard them all and I don’t care.

Nothing that can be said or done will negate the primary message–any country that elevates…

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The African American Situation

#AceHistoryNews say “African American Situation” NO improvement since 1963 #blackamericans v #whiteamericans

Thought Provoking Perspectives


It’s been more that fifty years since the historic March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, a watershed moment, in the eyes of some. However nice the show was black people never got that bad check the Dr. King talked about, in the same way, the slaves never got the forty acres nor the mule. Today, black people are poorer and in a worse position now, than in 1963 and near the same position as they were 1863 – really. The sad thing is most continue to believe and wait for the premise of the American dream.

However, we must be mindful that it was not a welcomed event as most of white America and the Kennedy Administration were very much against the March on Washington for equality. In fact, a survey at the time records that most of white America stated “the Negro is happy,” therefore, the request for…

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