Today in History: December 11

#AceHistoryNews says ” In 1815 President James Madison Presented a Trade Agreement with Britain to Congress ” #History2Research

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In 1815, President James Madison presented a trade agreement with Britain to Congress
Britain recognized American independence during Madison's presidency. 
Britain recognized American independence during Madison’s presidency.  (Bettmann/CORBIS)

Dec. 11, 1815: President James Madison presented a trade agreement with Britain to Congress. It signaled the British acceptance — after four decades and two wars — of American independence.

Dec. 11, 1941: After Germany and Italy declared war on the U.S., President Roosevelt asked Congress to declare war on them. The House vote for war against Germany and Italy was — except for one vote — unanimous. The Senate vote was unanimous.

Dec. 11, 1993: President Clinton said America must fight “violence with values” and praised radio stations that refused to play songs advocating crime (or showing contempt for women).

Dec. 11, 2000: President Clinton signed a bill to restore the Everglades — the largest environmental restoration effort in U.S. history.

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In Memory Of The 3.7 Million of Victims Of The Orthodox Christian Holocaust by Turks

#AceHistoryNews says ” The next step of the Armenian Genocide began on 24 April 1915 with the mass arrest, and ultimate murder, of religious, political and intellectual leaders in Constantinople and elsewhere in the empire. Then, in every Armenian community, a carefully planned Genocide unfolded: Arrest of clergy and other prominent persons, disarmament of the population and Armenian soldiers serving in the Ottoman army, segregation and public execution of leaders and able-bodied men, and the deportation to the deserts of the remaining Armenian women, children and elderly. Renowned historian Arnold Toynbee wrote that “the crime was concerted very systematically for there is evidence of identical procedure from over fifty places.” #History2Research

Remember history: Muslim Genocide of Christians in the City of Smyrna in 1922

#AceHistoryNews says “Remember History: Muslim Genocide of Christians in City of Smyrna in 1922” #History2Research