High Priest.

#AceHistoryNews A great post l have featured on our history news. ” God Appointed The High Priest To Preside Over The Desert Tabernacle” #RiversofHope

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High Priest of the TabernacleHigh Priest

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God Appointed the High Priest to Preside Over the Desert Tabernacle.

The high priest was the man appointed by God to oversee thetabernacle in the wilderness, a position of sacred responsibility.

God chose Aaron, brother of Moses, to be his first high priest, and Aaron’s sons to be priests to assist him.  Aaron was from the tribe of Levi, one of the 12 sons of Jacob.  The Levites were put in charge of the tabernacle and later the temple in Jerusalem.

In worship at the tabernacle, the high priest was set apart from all other men.  He wore special garments made from yarn that matched the colors of the gate and veil, symbolic of God’s majesty and power.  In addition, he wore an ephod, an intricate vest that held two onyx stones, each engraved with the names of…

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